The Sespe Institute was a California nonprofit, public benefit corporation, centered in Ojai, California.

Mission Statement

The Sespe Institute is dedicated to the conservation and management of cultural and natural resources around the world through research, education, and the sharing of information and technology.


The purposes of the Sespe Institute are to:

1.      Conduct research on natural and cultural resources;

2.      Educate the public regarding the importance and value of natural and cultural resources;

3.      Share information with the public, policymakers, and decisionmakers regarding natural and cultural resources and technology useful in conservation and management of these resources; and

4.      Conserve and manage cultural and natural resources of importance.

Programs and Activities

The Sespe Institute carries out its mission by:

§      Developing and implementing research and management projects on cultural and natural resources of the world, including:

·        Conservation and restoration of wetlands

·        Threatened habitats and species (surveys, mapping, developing management strategies)

·        Habitat restoration

·        Monitoring of sensitive sites

·        Historical research and publications

·        Inventorying of cultural and natural resources

·        Geographic Information System (GIS) databases

·        Conducting resources analyses using remote sensing tools and techniques

·        Environmental protection and compliance with environmental regulations and policies

§      Developing and implementing educational programs on cultural and natural resources

·        Specific resource pamphlets, books, articles, white papers, posters for general public and decisionmakers

·        Tours, programs, and multimedia presentations to the general public and decisionmakers

·        Environmental curriculum

Resource Information

Over time, the Sespe Institute will develop and post information and data that will further our mission.   Below is some information that has been developed to date.

Biological Resources

In collaboration with David Magney Environmental Consulting, the Sespe Institute had developed information on terrestrial native snails of California.   To date, an atlas and data on the terrestrial snails of Ventura County has been developed, as well as a list of snails of Los Angeles and Riverside Counties, all of which are available through the links below.   Also published here are preliminary checklists of bryophytes of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Cultural Resources

Below are links to historical/cultural resources or articles of interest, primarily focusing on the Sespe Creek and surrounding areas.